Quantum Time Release Session

Emotional Freedom from Relationship Anxiety

A unique and transformational technique to gently release the weight of subconscious blocks, such as negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back from having fulfilling and secure relationships.

Quantum Time Release is a process of working with the unconscious to let go of old grief or trauma without diving into the content of those experiences. QTR allows you to process difficult experiences, emotions, and limiting beliefs easily and effortlessly. It gives you the space to do your shadow work efficiently so you can begin feeling confident, secure, and emotionally free in your relationships. Release negative emotions, overcome limiting beliefs, and have the relationship you want.

Quantum Time Release™ (QTR™)

Imagine embarking on a multi-dimensional voyage across the time, where you co-create with your past, present, and future to sculpt your desired emotional landscape.

This journey isn’t just about shedding the weight of negative emotions and limiting decisions; it’s about rediscovering the radiant essence of your true self.

To maintain this newfound clarity and strength, it is recommended to engage in a QTR session every 3-4 months, ensuring ongoing emotional balance and growth.

As you step into the world of QTR™, envision a process that gently yet powerfully releases layers of accumulated negative emotions.

These emotions, whether they stem from fear, anger, sadness, guilt, or shame, have been etched into your emotional body, influencing your approach to relationships and attachment.

QTR™ focuses on these emotional imprints, especially the negative ones, and guides you to release them, not by revisiting the events themselves, but by addressing the emotion. 

Imagine a technique so gentle yet so profound that it doesn’t strip away your ability to feel, but rather liberates you from the burden of past emotional baggage.

In QTR™, when you feel sadness, it’s just the sadness of the moment, unclouded by the weight of the past. The same holds true for anger and other challenging emotions. 

The heart of QTR™ lies in uncovering the hidden lessons in our emotional history, transforming missed opportunities into wisdom and growth.

As you journey through your timeline with QTR™, you’ll connect with a higher wisdom, gleaning insights and learnings that empower you to release these emotions, setting you free.

This process is carried out in the realm of pure potentiality, where there’s no need for emotional upheaval or catharsis. Instead, you’ll experience a potent, gentle release, allowing you to emerge with a renewed sense of clarity, peace, and empowerment.

Quantum Time Release

When might a QTR session be especially beneficial?

  • Releasing Accumulated Negative Emotions: Our current emotions are often intensified by past experiences. QTR™ helps to release these compounded emotions so you are emotionally free from the weight of the past.
  • Gaining Insight and Closure: QTR™ enables you to extract lessons from past experiences, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship dynamics. This insight is crucial for building healthier, more secure attachments.
  • Post-Breakup Healing: After a breakup, QTR™ can be instrumental in releasing intense negative emotions and limiting beliefs, aiding in a more complete emotional recovery.
  • Breaking Repetitive Relationship Patterns: If repetitive issues plague your relationships, QTR™ can identify and release underlying emotional patterns, setting the stage for more fulfilling future relationships.
  • Enhancing Self-Awareness and Growth: QTR™ is a powerful tool for personal development, even outside specific relationship issues, enhancing self-awareness and fostering a deeper connection with your true self.

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you that change is absolutely possible for you?

Imagine: You’re the same high-achieving woman at work, but in love? You’re confident, secure, and in your Goddess element. No more chasing or bending over backward for a relationship that’s not meeting your needs.

Imagine waking up feeling solid, knowing you’re in control of your love life. You’re not waiting around for texts or making someone else’s schedule the center of your world. Instead, you’re out there doing your thing, loving your life, whether that’s killing it at work, enjoying your hobbies, or hanging out with friends and family.

Now, think about your relationships. They’re the kind you’ve always wanted: full of respect, trust, and depth of connection that your Soul has been yearning for. You feel secure. You’re finally speaking up for what you need, and guess what? It feels amazing. Your needs are being met.

This isn’t just some fairytale; it’s your life after finally releasing the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, embracing deep worthiness, and approaching your life and dating journey with deep intention.

You’ve turned it all around and you feel more fulfilled, confident, energized, and oh-so-aligned with your path and purpose than ever.

"I am feeling so much better these days...it is such a relief to feel hopeful...it feels like a huge amount of stress and worry has dissipated."​

Thank you very much for your brilliant recommendations. I really don’t know what I would have done without you over these last few months! 

I am feeling so much better these days… it is such a relief to feel hopeful and while I wouldn’t quite say I am ‘stress free’… it still feels like a huge amount of stress and worry has dissipated.  

Also, I notice that I am really in-tune with what I think and feel right now. I believe this is a specific result of our work together. The process of both verbalizing my thoughts in our sessions and then being able to see what I actually said when you send me the follow up notes have been key to really getting in-touch with my inner most feelings. 

I really feel like all of the work we have done together in the last couple of weeks has helped me clarify my feelings regarding what was missing for me and what I really needed to happen in order to continue in the relationship. Once it was clear to me that those things weren’t going to be able to happen (due to my boyfriend’s doubts and lack of commitment to working on things), it made breaking up a natural and easy ‘ish’ decision.

It was helpful for me to be deeply conscious of my feelings so that going ahead with a major decision such as ending my relationship actually made sense. I felt surprisingly confident almost immediately after it ended that it was the right decision. I didn’t have to stress and worry that maybe I had ended it too soon or maybe it would change and all get better because I have been very honest with myself about what I really think and feel so I can move forward and have peace with my new reality.

I would say I have had almost no difficulty moving on besides maybe the odd moment here and there in the first couple of weeks and I believe it is because I have been in a state of mind where I was almost seeing the breakup unfold through my eyes for months while we were still together. I was in ‘breakup pain’ for a long time before it actually ended and when it was finally over it was nice to just let it go and move on. 

Thank you so much for coaching me through the tough times over these past months. I couldn’t have done it without you!”


elevate your personal growth journey

Appointment Info and Fees for Quantum Time Release™:

Here’s How to Get Started

1. Complete the application

Fill out an application to share your intentions for engaging in this work, as well as your challenges and desired changes that you want to make in your life and love life.

2. Book a Connection Call

After I review your application, we’ll arrange a call to meet by video, talk about the breakthrough you want to have and discuss next steps.

3. Schedule a Detailed Discovery Session

In this session, I ask questions to uncover your struggles and challenges, aiming to understand your desired outcomes. We’ll then discuss what you can expect to get out of the coaching experience and how I can support you in solving your challenges. (approx 3 hours)

Meet Your Coach & Mentor

Hello, I'm Melissa

As a certified master practitioner in Evolved Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ENLP), Quantum Time Release™, Conscious Dating Coaching, and Trauma-Aware Coaching, I specialize in transforming personal and relationship challenges at their core, facilitating profound breakthroughs and lasting change.

Having overcome my own struggles with relationships and self-worth, I’ve guided numerous clients to break free from unhealthy patterns, leading them to fulfilling, secure relationships and a deeper sense of self. I’m passionate about helping women create healthy, fulfilling love and thrive in their highest potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! But only for those who are willing to play at 100% and fully engage with the process.

Coaching is proven to work when these factors are present:

  1. There is a gap between where the client is now and where she wants to be.
  2. The client believes that their goals and vision are achievable (they ultimately believe that transformation they want to make is attainable; they just don’t know how to get there)
  3. The client wants strategies, support, and accountability to get there and is willing to learn, grow, and take action toward that vision.

Successful coaching clients typically have just a few factors in common and you can maximize your coaching results if you are willing to:

  • Focus on what you want and what is within your power to change—not on what others want from you and not on outcomes that are dependent on someone else changing
  • Rediscover yourself—as you are today; not as you have been in the past
  • Question your thinking—especially limiting beliefs about yourself that keep you stuck
  • Double your level of willingness and effort—and discover what you’re truly capable of achieving
  • Do your homework—make commitments AND take action


This unique approach empowers you to:

Master Your Unconscious Mind: NLP operates on the understanding that much of our behavior, including attachment styles and relationship patterns, is governed by the unconscious mind. This part of the mind stores our past experiences, beliefs, and learned behaviors, which often operate outside our conscious awareness. Anxious attachment styles often stem from early life experiences and internalized beliefs about self-worth and relationships.

At the heart of NLP is the groundbreaking understanding of the unconscious mind’s immense influence over our relationship patterns. NLP doesn’t just scratch the surface; it dives deep into the realm of the unconscious, uncovering and transforming the root causes of anxious attachments. This powerful approach ensures lasting change, not just temporary fixes.

Transform Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Truths: NLP techniques are used to identify and bring to conscious awareness the underlying beliefs and patterns that contribute to anxious attachment. For instance, someone with an anxious attachment style might hold deep-seated beliefs like “I am not worthy of love” or “If I don’t work hard to please my partner, they will leave me.” These beliefs are often rooted in past experiences and are stored in the unconscious mind.

NLP is not about mere adjustments; it’s about revolutionizing your internal narrative. It meticulously identifies those deep-seated beliefs that hold you back, like “I am not worthy of love,” and masterfully rewrites them into empowering truths. Imagine the power of replacing fear and insecurity with the profound belief in your own worth and the certainty of deserving a fulfilling relationship.

Rewrite Your Relationship Script: NLP involves reframing these limiting beliefs and rewriting the internal scripts that dictate behavior. By using language and visualization techniques, NLP helps to reprogram the unconscious mind with more positive, empowering beliefs and narratives. For instance, replacing the belief “I am not worthy of love” with “I am valuable and deserving of a healthy, loving relationship.”

NLP offers more than insight; it equips you with the tools to actively rewrite your relationship destiny. Through expertly designed language patterns and visualization techniques, NLP reshapes your internal dialogue, turning anxious thoughts into pillars of confidence and security in your relationships.

Develop New, Healthy Relationship Habits: Alongside cognitive changes, NLP also focuses on developing new behavioral patterns that align with a secure attachment style. This can include exercises in communication, boundary-setting, and self-regulation to build confidence in managing relationships healthily and independently.

NLP is about action, not just theory. It empowers you to develop and practice new behaviors aligned with a secure attachment style. From effective communication to assertive boundary-setting, NLP fosters skills that are essential for healthy, thriving relationships.

Heal and Release Emotional Pain: NLP often incorporates techniques for releasing trapped emotions and healing past traumas that contribute to anxious attachment. This can involve guided visualizations, somatic exercises, and other methods to process and release emotional pain from past experiences.

NLP acknowledges the weight of emotional baggage and offers a path to liberation. Through its powerful techniques, you can release past traumas and emotional pain, paving the way for genuine healing and the ability to engage in relationships with a clean slate.

Practice Makes Perfect: Transformation through NLP is a process that requires consistent practice and application. Changing deep-seated patterns and beliefs takes time, and NLP provides tools and techniques for ongoing self-work and growth in the context of relationships.

The journey with NLP is an ongoing adventure of self-discovery and growth. Its principles and practices become a part of your daily life, constantly guiding you towards healthier relationships and a more secure attachment style.

Empower Yourself: Ultimately, NLP aims at empowering individuals to take charge of their mental and emotional states. By understanding and transforming the workings of the unconscious mind, individuals can develop a more secure attachment style and form healthier relationship patterns.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming isn’t just a modality; it hands you the reins of your mental and emotional well-being, turning you into the architect of your own relationship happiness. With NLP, you’re not just learning to cope; you’re evolving, mastering the art of secure, healthy, and fulfilling relationships.

No, coaching is not therapy. While both are very valuable in moving you past roadblocks in life, their approaches differ in many ways. Coaching is about taking you from where you are now and moving you forward.

Therapy often involves extensively examining your past to define how you got here in the first place. Additionally, there are some clients who benefit from working with both professionals concurrently. Finally, and foremost, coaches do not diagnose or treat any mental or emotional disorders.

A coach would be able to offer guidance by helping you:

  • Clarify and achieve personal and professional goals
  • Create a plan to reach your relationship goals
  • Work to improve communication, dating, and relationship skills
  • Achieve a work/life balance
  • Navigate the different stages of dating, including helping you decide whether to stay or go

A therapist, on the other hand, focuses their conversation on ways to help a client:

  • Explore why past relationships may have caused trauma and pain
  • Work through depression or anxiety that affect your ability to function at home or work
  • Survive a divorce or loss of a loved one, for example

In short, it’s a partnership. It’s a collaborative process, in which I help you define, speak out loud, and strategically move toward what you really want in life and relationships. I will help you find success as you define it.

Coaching is a professional partnership between you and a qualified coach that supports the achievement of extraordinary results. With the guidance of your coach, you set the goals, and then you focus on the skills and actions needed to successfully create the results you want.

Coaching accelerates your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of possibilities, and leading you toward more effective choices. The focus is on where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future.

Coaching changes lives. Why? Because human beings are naturally creative and resourceful. They truly have their own answers or have the ability to find them.

My role as your coach is to evoke your thought and creativity, to remind you of your potential, and to nurture your vision regularly.

I will challenge your assumptions. I will lead you to look at different perspectives and then to choose with certainty. I am continually looking for your values and reminding you to honor and live by them.

My role is to remind you that you are truly “at choice” in every given situation and that the life you’re living now is a direct result of the choices you have already made.

I support you in feeling empowered to choose with intention in service of your values and deepen your awareness that the choices you make today create the life you’ll live tomorrow.

I am with you through every session, diligently listening “in between” the words, asking questions, giving you space to hear your thoughts and find your answers.

I am there as you process your thoughts and deepen your learning as to who you are so that you can act with confidence and courage.

I am always making requests of you in service of the changes that will support you in living the life you love. I challenge you to look beyond your limitations and to conquer them while giving you room to choose.

When you fail, I am with you in the failure, without judgment or condemnation, while you experience it and learn from it. We look at the experience together and I ask you to feel it, to be with the emotion, and to find the meaning behind it.

I am there to celebrate your achievements and to acknowledge who you had to be in order to reach those goals.

I am your coach with an important mission—to continually remind you to look at the quality of each and every experience; to remind you to ask for what you want and what you don’t want; to be in your power, by telling the truth about who you are and what you want; and to never sell yourself short.  Living an extraordinary life is a choice!

What is Transformational Coaching?

My training is in transformational coaching that has its roots in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP works with neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic), and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming) from the premise that these can be changed to achieve your goals in life. It sounds like therapy, however…

How is transformational coaching different from traditional therapy?

  • Working with a client, not a patient
  • Understanding the meaning the client is making
  • Working in the present to help you create a compelling future
  • Assuming that the client is healthy and not broken
  • A partnership of equals where the coach encourages the client to find their own solutions
  • Helping the client to discover the process by which they prevent the achievement of goals and objectives and assists with learning new ways of thinking
  • Connecting into the past only to use as a framework for the present and to create the future
  • The possibility that changes can be fast and fun
  • The client’s responsibility for the outcomes and control over their results

Relationship success begins with deep self-awareness because our awareness affects our choices, and our choices affect outcomes in the relationship.

While it’s called relationship coaching, the focus is largely on you: who you’re being, how you’re showing up in your relationships and fully exploring your choices so that you can ultimately make choices that support long-term relationship happiness and success.

Your own level of self-growth and self-awareness greatly affects your ability to have a successful relationship. If we are highly aware of our own needs, wants, requirements and life vision, we can then choose relationships that honor our needs, wants requirements and vision.

We can be empowered to choose partners who celebrate who we and choose relationships that allow us to be fully and joyfully self-expressed — instead of choosing relationships where we feel like we have to give up part of who we are in order to “make it work.”

I bring a transformative approach to personal development and relationship coaching. My expertise extends beyond traditional methods, delving deep into the unconscious roots of challenges to facilitate powerful breakthroughs and lasting transformations.

I also take a deeply holistic approach to coaching. I believe that the important areas of our lives do not function or thrive independently of one another.

So, for example, if you are feeling really stuck in your career and it’s a source of a lot of frustration and discontent, it’s highly likely that it’s causing imbalance in other important areas of your life as well such as your relationships or finances.

Specifically, I have special training and experience in helping women who are:

  • Struggling with maintaining healthy boundaries in a romantic relationship
  • Wanting to release unhealthy and/or painful relationship patterns
  • Struggling with anxious attachment, insecurity in their relationships
  • Struggling with self-care or self-compassion when in relationships (over giving or denying your own needs to “make a relationship work”)
  • In a relationship with a single dad or a divorced, separated, or divorcing man
  • Stepfamilies/Blending families
  • Becoming a stepmom/being a stepmom
  • In a major transition or experiencing a major change (in relationship, career, health, etc.)
  • Feeling stuck in their life, relationship or business and want to get unstuck

I am trained and certified in Evolved Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ENLP) and Quantum Time Release™, coupled with Trauma-Aware Coaching. These advanced techniques, some of which will be integral to our Personal Breakthrough and coaching sessions, enable me to address issues at their core, fostering profound and enduring change.

My specialization as a relationship coach is further enhanced by my training in Conscious Dating from the Relationship Coaching Institute. This specialized skill set empowers individuals to navigate the complex world of relationships with greater awareness and intention.

Additionally, I am a certified stepfamily coach, adept at addressing the unique dynamics and challenges of blended family situations. My training in therapeutic journaling from the Center for Journal Therapy adds another dimension to my coaching, offering a reflective and healing modality to clients.

Evolved Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ENLP) forms the bedrock of my practice. It explores and influences how we communicate with ourselves and others, shaping our behaviors and life patterns. My certification in hypnosis and status as a certified Master Practitioner level ENLP Practitioner/Coach from Avalon Empowerment signify an advanced understanding and application of these powerful tools, well beyond the fundamentals of NLP.

Beyond my formal trainings and certifications in Evolved Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ENLP), Quantum Time Release™, Trauma-Aware Coaching, and specialized relationship and stepfamily coaching, I believe my most valuable credentials stem from my own personal growth journey and the transformations I’ve facilitated for numerous clients. My approach is deeply enriched by my personal experience on this growth journey in my life and relationships.

My story is one of profound self-discovery and transformation. Despite a successful career, fulfilling friendships, and meaningful community work, I was battling an internal void, most pronounced in my personal relationships. I was caught in a pattern of needing to be needed, which led me into relationships where I played the rescuer, providing a temporary sense of purpose and self-esteem.

However, this pattern also revealed deep-seated insecurities and limiting beliefs. I found that these internal challenges were pushing away the possibility of healthy, nurturing relationships. Recognizing this, I embarked on a journey of personal growth, addressing and overcoming these insecurities and limiting beliefs. It was a transformative process that reshaped my understanding of self-worth and identity, which had previously been so closely tied to being in a relationship.

This turning point in my life came through engaging in a personal growth journey and subsequently attracting a relationship that was fundamentally different from any I had experienced before — it was healthy, respectful, and truly loving. Initially, this relationship felt uncomfortable because it was devoid of the drama and emotional turbulence I was accustomed to. However, it taught me that love could be kind, consistent, and without drama. I learned that happiness was my right, that love didn’t have to hurt, and that a life free from relationship drama was not only possible but preferable.

This personal transformation, coupled with my professional expertise, allows me to serve as a compassionate guide to others on their path to healthier relationships and self-fulfillment. I am not just a coach imparting theoretical knowledge; I am someone who has navigated the challenging journey of personal transformation and emerged more empowered and fulfilled, just like the clients with whom I’ve had the honor of working with. My mission is to help you discover that love can be healthy, fulfilling, and peaceful, and to support you in creating the relationships and life you truly deserve.

The Worthiness Embodied program is approximately 16 sessions over the course of 3-4 months.

  • Breakthrough Experience: 6 sessions, 2-3 hours per session
  • Live from Worthiness: 4 sessions + Integration Week
  • Conscious Dating: Love from Worthiness: 6 sessions + Integration Week

The 1:1 Worthiness Embodied program includes personalized accountability and support with homework and tasks, including dedicated review and feedback from Melissa, keeping you engaged and accountable, fostering consistent progress.

Health insurance providers typically do not cover coaching because it currently cannot be classified/coded as “treatment” by a mental health professional in the same way that clinical psychotherapists treat mental and emotional health issues.

However, coaching represents a transformative journey distinct from clinical psychotherapy. Its unique therapeutic advantages, increasingly validated by research, align closely with the impacts of therapy in nurturing patient relationships and driving positive outcomes.

Many forward-thinking corporations offer wellness or professional development funds, a testament to their commitment to employee growth. These resources are an excellent opportunity to invest in coaching, unlocking your potential.

Proactively engage with your HR and benefits department to explore how you can harness these funds for your transformative journey.

For business owners, investing in coaching isn’t just a path to personal growth; it’s a savvy business strategy because the mental and emotional freedom gained from healing the past, embracing your worthiness, and being able to navigate your dating and relationships confidently can have a profound effect on your professional growth and subsequently business growth.

This investment might be able to be partially expensed on business taxes, potentially reducing your taxable income. Consult with your tax professional to turn your journey of self-improvement into a wise financial decision.

Ready to embody your worthiness?

Apply now and let’s talk about how you can let go of painful relationship patterns and create deeply fulfilling life and love.

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I would love to connect with you and answer your burning questions about the program. You can email me directly at melissa@melissathelovecoach.com to get in touch and I’ll reply within 24 business hours.