Love Complicated: The Conscious Woman’s Guide to Dating the Separated Man

Get Practical Advice & Support on How to Navigate the Relationship Without Losing Yourself and Decide if He’s Right for You

Finally Discover the Secrets to Getting Out of the Waiting Game and Becoming the Priority Woman

Are you Dating A Separated Man?

  • Are you anxiously waiting for him to finalize his divorce?
  • Do you feel like you’re constantly waiting for him to prioritize you and your relationship?
  • Do you feel like your life and relationship is in limbo?
  • Is the stress and resentment straining your relationship?
  • Do you find your date nights and precious little time you have together devolve into arguments about his ex, the kids, or the status of his divorce?
  • Do you second guess yourself because you’re unsure what’s normal and appropriate or not when you’re in a relationship with a separated man?

I know it’s stressing you out.

The man you love is still tangled in a previous relationship, and it’s leaving you feeling like you’re in a state of limbo. You’re constantly waiting, hoping for the day when you can have a normal relationship without the shadow of his past looming over. 

Sometimes, you even find yourself doubting yourself, wondering what’s normal in such a unique situation.

You feel for his situation; divorce is really tough. At the same time you don’t want to be taken for granted.

You feel the stress of his unpredictable schedule, dictated by drama with his ex and the chaos of co-parenting amid a divorce.

The contentious divorce proceedings, the tension of holidays spent alone, and the emotional energy you try to summon to “be there for him” through this challenging period, at the same time trying to have a relationship with him, leaves you feeling drained and depleted.

Girl, I see you! I totally Feel what you’re going through.

Not only because I had the same challenges in my own dating life, but also because I’ve coached many women experiencing these very same feelings and situations over the last 8 years. You’re not alone.

I am all too familiar with the emotional roller coaster and challenges of being in this situation. And I knew my story was not unique.

As you’ve probably discovered, there’s a real lack of in-depth information and real support out there on the topic of dating a separated man.

I feel like people are at a real loss on how to navigate this complicated kind of relationship (just like I was!).

When I was in this situation years ago, I wished there had been more than mere blog articles on this topic (which would often leave me with more questions than answers!).

And I wish there had been an empathetic, non-judgmental, and actually helpful space to learn about this and get real sound guidance.

With approximately 50% of marriages in North America ending in divorce, the truth is that there are a lot of separated people out there who are dating (whether they’re ready to or not).

It’s that we start talking about this in a dignified way. It’s time to have an elevated discussion about this.

There are real people, in this very real situation, who need real help.

There is hope. You can get clarity – and even turn it around.

Despite the well-intentioned advice you’ve probably heard to steer clear of separated men, your heart’s decided otherwise. And that’s perfectly okay, because I’m here to help you figure this out.

And while my general sentiment remains that I don’t recommend dating a separated man because of the very high likelihood that he’s going to be unavailable and all the issues involved with that, I believe that (in some cases) it’s more complex than “you should” or “shouldn’t.”

Let’s face it, love isn’t black and white. It’s a mix of feelings, emotions, and situations. The important thing is to navigate this situation consciously.

Meaning, get the information that you need about this unique situation so that you can figure out for yourself whether this relationship is right for you and how to navigate this relationship without losing yourself if you choose to stay involved.

Hi, I’m Melissa Josue, Transformational Relationship Coach and founder of Love Complicated. 

My mission with Love Complicated is bring deep clarity to this type of relationship so that you can be empowered to live (and love!) with purpose, and ultimately have the relationship you want with the right guy for you.

My husband and I are going on our 12th year married and thankfully still going strong. But getting there certainly wasn’t easy.

When we were first dating, he wasn’t 100% available for a “normal” relationship because his divorce was still pending.

I wondered whether staying together was worth it. Would it all work out in the end? Or would I end up as the rebound woman…heartbroken and having wasted all this time?

I searched for helped and solutions. But there was barely any info out there on the topic of dating a separated man!

And that’s the reason why I created my new course:

Love Complicated: The Conscious Woman's Guide to Dating the Separated Man

yes. your prayers have been answered.

(That is when it comes to finally knowing exactly what you’re getting into when you’re dating a separated man, and how to overcome the issues)

If you’re involved with a separated man and you’re trying to navigate the issues in your relationship — like waiting for him to finalize his divorce, not feeling like a priority, worrying if you might be the rebound woman, or unsure what’s appropriate behavior with his ex or not — this course is for you.

In this class, you’ll get practical, in-depth content on how to navigate this complex relationship, and judgement-free personalized support to answer your burning questions.

The information you’ll receive is so critical, it’ll be like getting a secret playbooka guide to understanding his mindset, his readiness for a relationship, and how you can become the priority woman.

You’ll learn to handle the nuances of his divorce as it affects your relationship, and protect your peace, self-confidence, and dignity in the process.

You’ll discover how to:

Ready to get real answers on how to handle and overcome the issues in your relationship when you’re dating a separated man?

In the course, you’ll get proven tools and concepts to help you:

Get practical advice and support from a relationship coach who’s been there.

Be empowered with the info you need to overcome the issues in your relationship, and finally get some answers and breakthrough clarity.

Unlock the secrets to navigating dating a separated man so that you can decide if he’s right for you, or get out of the waiting game and become the priority woman.



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P.S. When I first started my relationship advice blog, I wanted to create the resource that I wish I had had when I was dating a divorcing man.

To tell you the truth, I hesitated starting a blog about dating a separated man and hesitated putting my story out there.

I was dating a (technically!) married man. And while I was in love, part of me was also ashamed.
I couldn’t talk to my friends or family about it. I didn’t know where to turn for advice. 

As a relationship coach who has been there and who has also written about this topic and coached many women in this situation for the last 8 years, I know that this situation can be complex and confusing.

If you’d like to finally get clarity on this situation so that you avoid spinning your wheels (or wasting your precious time), I can help.

Register now to save your spot. I’m looking forward to sharing this valuable content with you and helping you. ❤️🙏🏽