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If you struggle with an anxious attachment style or relationship anxiety and have a burning question about an issue going on in your dating life or relationship, I can help.

You can catch my advice on my blog or YouTube Channel, where I delve into questions from my readers. Check out the Ask Melissa archives here.

Here’s how to ask your question in a way that lets me help you best:

Be clear and precise: The more straightforward your question, the better I can tailor my advice. Take a moment to think about what you really want to ask, including all those important details.

To give you advice that really hits home, make sure to include:

  • The heart of your question and what you’re hoping to get out of it.
  • How long you’ve been in your relationship, and any special factors like kids, their ages, and so on.
  • What your relationship feels like day-to-day, including any tough spots like dealing with his past relationships, your social lives, etc.
  • Anything you’ve tried so far to overcome the problem and how it went.
  • Any other info you think might help me give you the best advice possible.

By sharing all this with me you’re helping me better understand what’s happening in your world so I can offer advice that’s really practical and relevant to your life and relationship. ❤️

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Meet Your Coach & Mentor

Hello, I'm Melissa

As a certified master practitioner in Evolved Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ENLP), Quantum Time Release™, Conscious Dating Coaching, and Trauma-Aware Coaching, I specialize in transforming personal and relationship challenges at their core, facilitating profound breakthroughs and lasting change.

Having overcome my own struggles with relationships and self-worth, I’ve guided numerous clients to break free from unhealthy patterns, leading them to fulfilling, secure relationships and a deeper sense of self. I’m passionate about helping women create healthy, fulfilling love and thrive in their highest potential.