Craving reassurance from him? Or obsessing over your relationship?

You may have an anxious attachment style.

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    Thursday, OCTOBER 21, 3PM PT / 6PM ET


    Hi, I’m Melissa Josue. I’m a writer, educator, and certified relationship coach.

    I also know how painful it is to be in a relationship where you’re preoccupied with trying to “make it work.” And I know there’s a way off the emotional roller coaster.

    That having a healthy, loving, stable relationship is absolutely within your reach, and that you deserve to be happy and to be loved the way that you want to.

    I lead transformational programs and work with brilliant, successful, and creative women just like you who are invested in their personal growth and want to create the deeply fulfilling life they know they’re meant to live.

    This is why you’re here. We can help. ❤️

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