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Life-changing experiences for women who are DONE with anxious attachment and ready for healthy, secure love.

I empower high-achieving, purpose-driven women to overcome anxious attachment and have secure, fulfilling relationships, while also nurturing their personal growth and self-empowerment.

You’re ready to break free from painful relationship patterns and the cycles of anxious attachment and step into a life of authentic love, secure connections, and empowering self-discovery.


With nearly a decade of experience in transformational relationship coaching, my journey has been both professional and deeply personal. Certified in Evolved Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ENLP), Quantum Time Release™, and Trauma-Aware Coaching, I bring a unique approach that delves into the unconscious roots of challenges to facilitate powerful breakthroughs and lasting transformations.


My clients have experienced remarkable transformations from stress, insecurity, confusion, self-doubt, and unfulfilling (or even toxic) relationships to deep emotional healing from limiting beliefs and abandonment wounds that have been negatively impacting their relationships for years, profound embodiment of their true worthiness resulting in breakthrough confidence in their relationship journey and mental and emotional freedom that’s unlocked creativity, purpose, and significant professional achievements. I am passionate about guiding visionary women like you to not just navigate, but to thrive in love and life.


I am excited to embark on this transformative journey with you, helping you to discover that love can be healthy, fulfilling, and peaceful, and supporting you in creating the life and relationships you truly deserve.

Worthiness Embodied: A Personalized Transformational Experience

Investment starts at: Please Inquire

This is a bespoke journey for women ready to break free from unhealthy relationship patterns and cultivate a deep and healthy sense of self, setting the foundation for healthy and fulfilling love. In this one-on-one coaching experience, you’ll receive tailored support to deeply explore and transform the core issues underpinning relationship insecurity and anxious attachment.

Through personalized guidance, you’ll learn to identify and release limiting beliefs, embracing a journey of deep self-discovery and empowerment. This program is not just about finding love; it’s about redefining your relationship with yourself, leading to a life where worthiness is not just a concept, but a deeply felt reality. Embark on a transformative path that brings lasting change and empowers you to live and love from your truest self.

Worthiness Awakened: A 2-day Private Virtual Intensive

Investment starts at $2497

This 2-day intensive offers a transformative experience for women facing anxious attachment in their relationships. Dive deep into your attachment patterns, releasing limiting beliefs to unlock fulfilling relationships. Designed to awaken your sense of worthiness and reshape your love life, you’ll emerge with a deeper self-understanding and strategies for healthier, more secure connections. This intensive marks a pivotal step towards empowered and meaningful romantic connections.

WorthiHER Revolution Circle: A Collective Self-Growth Journey from Anxious Attachment to Worthiness Embodied

Investment starts at $2497

Join on a transformative three-month journey with purpose-driven women, overcoming anxious attachment and embodying true worthiness from the inside out, so they can have deeply fulfilling love and make the impact they know they’re here to make.

In this supportive group setting, you’ll explore the roots of relationship challenges unique to high-achieving women with an anxious attachment style, release limiting beliefs, and gain deep clarity on what truly matters to you in a partnership, empowering you to make conscious relationship decisions. Through collaborative learning and reflective practices, experience a shift towards secure, confident connections, laying the foundation for a fulfilling life and love.

How Does It Work?

1. Complete Inquiry Form

Fill out a brief form to share your intentions for engaging in this work, as well as your challenges and desired changes that you want to make in your life and love life.

2. Book a Connection Call

After I review your form, we’ll arrange a call to delve deeper into your situation and discuss my recommendations.

3. Attend a Program Call

If we’re a great match, you’ll be invited to a separate conversation to explore how my program(s) can assist you and to address any questions you might have.



Working together has made a difference in my life and love life. I have SO much more clarity around what I want in a relationship now – what my deal breakers are or not. I now know exactly the type of man I am looking for, and exactly the type of relationship I envision for myself .

Working with you has also reminded me to cultivate and strengthen the relationship with myself! I am so much more self-aware around what I need to work on when it comes to my own self esteem…

Your compassion, support, and encouragement is truly priceless. You are such a kind and patient soul and will always be on your clients’ side to help them realize the best versions of themselves.

~ Amanda


Work With Me

Ready to release painful relationship patterns and transform your relationships?

Working together, I’ll guide through a proven process to finally let go of painful patterns of insecurity and anxious attachment in relationships and also emerge with a Soul-nourishing sense of self-worth, paving the way for fulfilling, secure, and authentic connections in life and in LOVE.